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Janpath, Lal Kothi, Behind New Vidhan Sabha, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Next Gen

Next Gen

Networking and Events

  • Through a diverse array of peer networking events, workshops, and seminars, TiE Next Gen facilitates opportunities for members to connect, learn, and broaden their horizons.
  • Access to all CM Knowledge Events organised by TiE Rajasthan
  • TiE Hosted Networking Breakfasts with TiE CMs and TiE Emerging Entrepreneurs (EMs) limited to a certain number
  • At least 4 TiE hosted events annually (including Knowledge Sessions and Networking Breakfasts)

Mentoring Programs

  • We establish a robust mentorship program, pairing young adults with experienced Charter members, enabling knowledge transfer and personalized guidance.
  • TiE Next Gen Members can opt to connect with and mentor school and collegiate startup founders through TiE’s programs TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) and TiE University.

Global Outreach & Support

  • TiE NextGen extends its reach beyond local borders, connecting young adults internationally, and fostering a global network of change-makers
  • We provide tailored support to members with entrepreneurial ambitions, offering resources, access to funding, and a supportive community to help turn their ideas into reality.

Representation & recognition

  • TiE Next Gen will be encouraged to form a leader from their group and the leader (1 year tenure) will be the SPOC between TiE Rajasthan and the group
  • One designated member from the TiE Governing Council / Strategic Committee will join the Next Gen meetings and be the bridge/moderator between TiE and Next Gen
  • The SPOC and 1 more member can attend TiE Rajasthan and Strategic / Executive Committee meetings as Observers at the invitation of the President
  • The group will lay down their expectations from TiE and subject to the call of the President, the TiE office will help co-ordinate – speakers/travel to other chapters, connect with specific members from other chapters etc. depending upon their ask
  • Next Gen members may be invited to CM-hosted dinners at the discretion of the host CM


The TiE STARTUP PREMIER LEAGUE (TSPL) was pioneered as an innovative initiative by TiE Rajasthan and was also recognized by TiE Global for the Most Innovative Program in 2023. It was custom-built for startups, merging entrepreneurship with sportsmanship, and fostering bonds between startups and the TiE community through an IPL-style cricketing event. It offered networking and mentorship opportunities to participants, creating an environment conducive to growth and collaboration within the startup ecosystem.