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About TiE Rajasthan

Founded in 2002 in Pink City Jaipur as the regional chapter of TiE Global, TiE Rajasthan brings together experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, mentors, investors, and aspiring founders to create conducive environment for entrepreneurship to foster and grow.

Recognised as one of the most diversified, vibrant and active TiE chapters in the world, TiE Rajasthan won the most coveted Best TiE Chapter award in 2021. TiE Rajasthan actively collaborates with government bodies at the national and state level, incubators, educational institutes, corporates and industry organisations having shared vision of strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Rajasthan.

Goals & Objectives

TiE Rajasthan aims to nurture and empower entrepreneurs in the region by harnessing the ‘Ability to Give’ and ‘Willingness to Contribute’ traits of our members. Leveraging the global network of over 13,000 members across 58 TiE Chapters in 14 countries, our objective is to support early-stage entrepreneurs, which forms the foundation of all our initiatives. Through our carefully crafted programs, we are poised to provide knowledge, guidance and access to resources and capital to entrepreneurs at all stages and thus adding value to the individuals, businesses and ecosystem a large.


TiE Rajasthan’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubation. With a focus of giving back to the community we focus on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.


By assisting entrepreneurs, TiE Rajasthan believes that we can empower individuals and create wealth in communities.

Inception & History

Formation of Rajasthan IT Entrepreneurs Group (RITEG)

In 2001, few entrepreneurs from Rajasthan’s IT Industry were called upon by Naren Bakshi, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur from Jaipur, for an orientation about TiE. As a result an ad-hoc working group was formed to work towards achieving the TiE Jaipur Chapter status and thus a 6 member Rajasthan IT Entrepreneurs Group (RITEG) was formed under the presidency of Rajesh Mundra. The other members of the RITEG were Ajay Data, Manuj Goyal, Keshav Sharma, Sunil Jain & A. Gupta.


Formation of Rajasthan IT Entrepreneurs Group (RITEG)


Launch of TiE Rajasthan by the Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot


Best Leadership Transition Award by TiE Global


Best Leadership Transition Award


Best Leadership Transition Award


Most Improved Chapter Award by TiE Global


1st chapter in Asia whose member became the TiE Global Chair - Mahavir Pratap Sharma


Best TiE Chapter Award by TiE Global. Best Global Chapter Champion 20-21 award (TiE University) to Dr. Sheenu Jhawar


TiE Global Award for the Most Innovative Program for TiE Startup Premier League

Achievements of RITEG

Substantial meaningful and concrete steps were taken by RITEG that were beneficial to the entrepreneurs and the policy-makers to help the industry grow.

TiE Rajasthan Chapter launched by Chief Minister

To bring vibrancy and diversification of all industry segments and build foundation of a sustainable, inclusive and omni-relevant TiE Chapter that works on the TiE philosophy of giving back, a visionary decision was made to include entrepreneurs, besides the IT entrepreneurs, from across the business sectors and even the traditional business owners as TiE Members.

Finally on 11th Jan 2002, TiE Rajasthan came into existence and was launched in a grand ceremony by the then Chie Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot. Mr. Yogendra Durlabhji, a jewelry and healthcare entrepreneur became the first President of TiE Rajasthan.

Since the launch, the chapter has seen steady growth in all realms under the able & visionary leadership of Mr. Yogendra Durlabhji, Dr. Ajay Data, Mr. Rajesh Mundra, Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Mr. Atul Kapur, Mr. Manuj Goyal, Mr. Rajneesh Bhandari, Mr. Siddharth Agrawal, Mr. Chirag Patel, Dr. Ravi Modani and continues the growth trajectory under current President Dr. Sheenu Jhawar’s presidency. The backbone of TiE, our members have been the strongest support all through these 21+ years.

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The TiE STARTUP PREMIER LEAGUE (TSPL) was pioneered as an innovative initiative by TiE Rajasthan and was also recognized by TiE Global for the Most Innovative Program in 2023. It was custom-built for startups, merging entrepreneurship with sportsmanship, and fostering bonds between startups and the TiE community through an IPL-style cricketing event. It offered networking and mentorship opportunities to participants, creating an environment conducive to growth and collaboration within the startup ecosystem.